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Daily Insider Threat News – September 21, 2017


DoD to bring more employees with ‘critical positions’ under …

FederalNewsRadio.com6 hours ago
The continuous evaluation program is part of a larger insider threat initiative. Payne said each of DoD’s 43 services and agencies needs to establish individual …

Breaches Galore as 1.9 Billion Records Compromised in 1H 2017

Infosecurity Magazine10 hours ago
… they need to engage with their own employees, reduce the insider threat and deploy technology alongside staff to help control the access and storage of data.”.

Retail SMBs are vulnerable to security hacks

BetaNews9 hours ago
Eliminate Insider Threats: Employees pose a major threat to SMBs in terms of data security, whether their actions are malicious or not. In fact, employee …

Impact of Cyber Security Trends on Test Equipment

DATAQUEST11 hours ago
Cyber security threats to these test systems can have a significant impact on an … Except for high-criticality systems, addressing the insider threat is best done …                                                                                                                                                                                                 Bay Dynamics co-founder and CTO Ryan Stolte explains UEBA
  • Digital Journal
    Before the interview, this journalist did some research on UEBA and learned it was born as a method of detecting insider threats by looking at patterns …

    Equifax Breach: Database Insider Threats From Third-Party Software

    Credit Union Times
    The recent and massive database breach at Equifax serves to highlight the insider threat that database systems face today. But you say, “The Equifax …

    IBM mainframes plot course for container security market

    The new system, called the LinuxOne Emperor II, protects against both external and insider threats, including the automatic encryption of data in-flight …

    Are you ready for ‘Moneyball’ security?

    CSO Online
    By monitoring users — trusted third parties, privileged users and business users — you can identify and eliminate insider threats. Security teams are …

    Securing an organisation against insider threats

    Insider threats arise when current or former employees exploit access to their organisation’s systems or data for financial, political, or personal gain.
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