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Daily Insider Threat News – November 30, 2017


Predictions and Pitfalls for 2018 on Closing Gaps in Cybersecurity

As we move into 2018, organizations will continue to face damages associated with insider threats. In fact, 60 percent of all attacks are carried out by …

Survey Shows US Cybersecurity Attacks Costing Orgs More Money

Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed also said that they monitor user behavior in an effort to catch potential insider threats. Approximately three-quarters of organizations (79 percent) said that an outsider committed a cybersecurity incident. These types of intrusions though go undetected for an average of …

The NSA Braces For Perfect Storm Of Cyber Risks

Signal Magazine

Nonetheless, the NSA needs to continue focusing on protocols to stop dangerous insider threats, Bailey says. The agency has tightened network security, further restricted classified information, and implemented training and education programs. “We have taken on huge efforts at NSA to counter the …

Insider threat — Chemours employee steals trade secrets

CSO Online

Chemours’ off-boarding program seals the fate of a trusted insider who broke trust and stole intellectual property.

35% of IT professionals see themselves as the biggest security risk to their company


35% of IT professionals see themselves as the biggest security risk to their company. Insider threats are the largest risk to network security with sysadmins and the C-suite representing the biggest problem areas, according to a Balabit report. By Alison DeNisco Rayome | November 30, 2017, 6:47 AM …

Insider Threat Report

CA Technologies

This report is designed to uncover the latest trends and challenges regarding insider threats as well as solutions to prevent or mitigate insider attacks.

Only a Quarter of Insider Threats Are Hostile

Infosecurity Magazine

Only about a quarter (25%) of insider threats are hostile, new research has revealed, with the remaining 75% due to accidental or negligent activity.

Insider Threats to Critical Financial Services Technologies and Trade Secrets Are Best Addressed …

The National Law Review

Financial services firms are, therefore, well served by utilizing a formalized vulnerability and risk assessment process to identify the insider threats to …


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