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Daily Insider Threat News – November 21, 2017


Why employee training matters: Negligent users are top insider threat

IFSEC Global

It’s no wonder then that companies care so much about potential sources of data breaches – and insider threats are among the biggest worries.

All the gear, no idea?

Computer Business Review

Ransomware, data breaches, insider threats, phishing scams… we’ve all seen the headlines. And, although these words, once reserved for IT departments, are becoming a part of everyday vocabulary, that doesn’t make them any less concerning. They have. Dean Mitchell, Director- Managed Services …

Employees Stealing Confidential Data Up 25%

ISBuzz News

The insider threat represents one of the greatest challenges to businesses trying to stave off a constant barrage of cyberattacks. Research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International reveals that 28 per cent of all cyberattacks and 38 per cent of targeted attacks now involve malicious activity by insiders.

Insider Data Theft Court Cases Climb 25%

Infosecurity Magazine

David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, argued that the insider threat is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. “Employees rank at the very top of the list of threats to data and systems,” he added. “Their motivations are often hard to predict and anticipate, ranging from a …

Research: Half of Enterprises Suffered Insider Attacks in Last 12 Months


20 and conducted by Crowd Research Partners, clearly indicates that the vast majority of companies and government agencies believe that they’re vulnerable to insider threats. The survey is based on a comprehensive online survey of 472 cybersecurity professionals, which provides deep insight into …

Why Bayesian models excel at finding rogue insiders

CSO Online

Insider threat actors can cause harm to an organization in all kinds of ways, from intellectual property theft, financial fraud and data breaches to …

Salted Hash Ep 7: Matrix Banker malware and insider threats

CSO Online

This week’s episode of Salted Hash takes a look at insider threats and the return of Matrix Banker, a family of malware that is targeting organizations in Mexico. Our guest is Justin Fier, the director for cyber intelligence and analysis at Darktrace, the organization that spotted the second wave of Matrix …

Study Finds Insider Threats Present a Serious Threat to Organizations

New Net Technologies

Study Finds Insider Threats Present a Serious Threat to Organizations. Posted 20 November 2017. Many businesses are starting to understand that the biggest concern for their business lies right under their noses: their own employees. According to a new study conducted by Cybersecurity Insiders, …

Infosecurity: What threats are we faced with?

The Herald

They may come as insider threat as in the case of disgruntled employees or resultant from accidental user action. A disgruntled administrator may …

Your biggest threat is inside your organisation and probably didn’t mean it


It doesn’t have a super-sexy moniker like KRACK or Heartbleed, but the spectre of the insider threat looms large for organisations, and has done so for …


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