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Daily Insider Threat News – August 29, 2017


Insider Threats Account for Nearly 75 Percent of Security Breach Incidents

CISOs and their teams have suspected it for years, but new security breach research showed that nearly three-quarters of incidents are due to insider …
Government entities see insider threat as No. 1 cybersecurity concern

All government entities surveyed see their own employees as the biggest threat to IT security, according to a report from security firm Netwrix.
Don’t wait any longer to address your insider threats

Insider threats are one of the fastest rising threats out there, and it’s evident that organisations cannot and should not underestimate them.
7 Ways to Ward Off Insider Threats

Advanced Encryption: This sophisticated level of encryption protects data from hackers and insider threats using standards-based cryptography, …
GoT & the Inside Threat: Compromised Insiders Make Powerful Adversaries

Most security solutions — modern or otherwise — have no graceful answer for insider threats. These attacks prove just as difficult for today’s security …
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