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Corporate Technical Consulting

Use Consulting With ITMG to Improve Your Processes and Technical Assets

Effective monitoring systems can often make the difference in detecting data loss and securing your data before it leaks. ITMG offers powerful tools designed to keep an eye on your technological assets and processes. These technical monitoring tools act as a watchdog for your data and monitor things such as user interactions, asset retention, and interaction with tech assets. ITMG has the skilled experts needed to flawlessly integrate these monitoring systems with the tech you use in your business and implement them at the network and endpoint levels. Our expert’s dozens of years of experience means that you get a state-of-the-art system and the support you need to actually use it within your existing risk management program.

Strengthen your Risk Management Program With Technical Tools

New technical tools can provide your risk management program with new resources that strengthen key components of your program and help you accomplish your risk prevention objectives. At ITMG, our technical team works with the latest technology for protecting corporations from insider risk including User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Universal Access Method (UAM), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP). We ensure each tool we implement is carefully selected and calibrated to work within your organizations existing risk management program and organizational policies. With our years of experience you’re truly getting the best insider risk protection has to offer.

ITMG’s Team of Technical Consulting Professionals Helps Your Business Thrive

Your corporation’s data is important, and ITMG’s experience in providing technical consulting can help that data stay protected. We’re leading in our industry and specialize in insider risk management solutions, strategies, assessments, and ensuring our clients have the best tools they can get for protecting their data. To start a conversation about how technical tools can help your business’ insider risk program grow, call one of our experts today!