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Corporate Insider Threat Red Team Assessments

Dive into the Mind of a Potential Insider Threat with our Insider Threat Red Team Assessment to Identify Weaknesses in Your Insider Threat Management System

ITMG’s Insider Threat Red Team Assessment is one of the many tools we use to assess your company’s current threat response capacity and provides us with a clear picture of your current weaknesses when handling insider risk. We look at unique, industry-specific insider threat personas and events to evaluate your team’s response to those personas and events. This process exposes both the various methods an insider threat could use to compromise your systems and your insider threat management team’s response. With this simulation, we learn exactly what is failing and what needs to be improved with your corporation’s threat response.

Data Driven Decision Making to Make Threat Response More Cost-Effective

By combining the data from our proprietary assessment with baselines for your industry, we enable our clients to make key decisions on where they can best allocate their resources without compromising on security. Our assessment scrutinizes every area of your current threat response and ranks the effectiveness of each component by how likely it is to stop an insider threat. This data becomes a powerful tool in your threat management process while simultaneously helping to save money and time.

To Strengthen Your Corporation’s Insider Threat Management System, Call Us Today and Learn More About Insider Threat Red Team Assessments

Your data is valuable, and so is your money and time. ITMG’s Insider Threat Red Team Assessment helps you create actionable strategies to secure all three against insider threats. Our expert team is ready to help. Call us today!