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Corporate Insider Threat Program Development

Protect Your Enterprise: We Offer Strategic Assistance to Help You Develop an Actionable Plan

For many companies, the term “insider threat program” is an empty phrase; template programs often fall short when faced with the realities of running a business. We do things different. At ITMG, we take the time to understand the components and goals of an insider threat program and make sure those align with the direction you plan to take your business in. This allows key stakeholders to make better decisions: once you understand what is involved in preventing insider risk within your company, you are able to stay steadfast in the face of real threats. ITMG is a specialist in creating real solutions for corporations that work with your business and help you strategize for your future while still protecting your data.

How Do We Define a Successful Insider Threat Program?

Other companies often see a successful insider threat program as a system that addresses one or two at risk areas they identify as needing the most work while forgetting to look at the whole picture of health for your business. This limited view of success often leaves companies vulnerable to attacks. At ITMG, we create systems that look at ten different, interconnected components that affect your company’s ability to handle an insider threat, strengthen each individually, and then look at the health of the program as a whole. We recognize the importance of creating an interconnected ecosystem to combat risk, and our programs are more robust and tailored because of this. I can be as simple as fine-tuning an existing program or as involved as creating a new program from scratch; ITMG has your back and will guide you to success.

For an Insider Threat Program that Keeps You Covered, Call ITMG Today

In providing insider threat program assessments, strategies, and solutions, ITMG is a global leader. Stay compliant and protect your data by calling us today.