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Corporate Insider Risk Consulting

Corporations often deal with a wide range of risk factors that are dictated by both the sector they serve and the company structure. ITMG understands, for example, that energy companies will have a different set of needs from a technology firm, and we tailor our approach with that in mind. That being said, there are some regulations that every corporation needs to be planning for. The General Data Protection Regulation, the Economic Espionage Act, and the Defend Trade Secrets Act are all key policies you need to understand, account for, and manage as a business. ITMG helps provide you with the training, assets, and strategies needed to protect both your company’s data and the data of your customers.

Insider Risk Assessments

Insider Threat Management’s proprietary assessment process allows us to get a picture-perfect view of your company’s current strengths and weaknesses when it comes to handling insider threats. This picture gives us the information we need to create a unique insider risk solution for your company, specialized to your needs as a corporation. That means we can account for things such as your plans for scaling in the future and the culture you’d like your business to operate with.

Insider Threat Program Development and Consulting

Our experts have the technical knowledge and years of experience required to create risk management solutions that work. We make sure to stay on top of laws and regulations in your sector so we can ensure you remain compliant within your industry. Our goal is to keep you protected. We work with you to develop solutions for your unique goals and situation.

Insider Risk Program Management and Staffing

ITMG has behavioral psychologists, investigators, and corporate care experts on hand to help support your business’ insider risk management program.