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Corporate Insider Risk Consulting in New York City

Safeguard your company’s data with security solutions from ITMG! As a leader in the industry, ITMG is the best resource for corporate insider risk consulting in New York City. We provide top-notch training, helpful resources, and comprehensive strategies for companies throughout New York City and always adhere to all industry regulations. For example, our team follows all guidelines set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation, the Defend Trade Secrets Act, and the Economic Espionage Act. We fortify your data defenses with the latest technological advancements and use a customized approach to develop unique risk management systems for our clients. Our services are split into three distinct categories:

  • Insider risk assessments
  • Insider threat program development and consulting
  • Insider threat risk program management and staffing

Since 2014, ITMG has been the go-to source for corporate insider risk consulting in New York City. To learn more about our services or our team, please contact us today!

Insider Risk Assessments

To protect your data, ITMG implements three distinct risk assessments: baseline assessment, insider risk assessment, and insider threat red team assessment. These assessments are used to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your corporation and define its vulnerability towards insider threats. Each assessment is designed to suit your distinct needs, offering customized support for your organization. During this process, we focus on the following elements: assets, threats, business environment, legal regulations, security governance and guidelines, and vulnerabilities. Interested in learning more, please give us a call today!

Insider Threat Program Development and Consulting

ITMG’s corporate insider risk consulting services are essential for your company’s security.

We work with you to develop effective, detail-oriented insider threat programs to keep you protected. Our consulting services are split into three categories: strategic risk advising, corporate technical consulting, and corporate legal and privacy consulting. We follow all sector-specific laws and regulations to ensure safety and success for our clients.

Insider Threat Risk Program Management and Staffing

At ITMG, we help our corporate clients gain peace of mind with a trusted workforce! Staffing has a noticeable and lasting impact on the success of your risk management system. It’s important to fortify your team with versatile and experienced professionals. ITMG recruits, trains, and staffs corporate care experts, investigators, psychologists, and analysts for your team.

Contact ITMG Today for Corporate Insider Risk Consulting!

For the past six years, ITMG has earned a reputation for excellence throughout New York City. We specialize in corporate insider risk consulting and provide customized support for a wide range of businesses. Together, we will maximize your security and enhance your peace of mind. To learn more, please contact us today!