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Corporate Insider Risk Assessments

Defining Your Vulnerabilities, Your Current Capacity for Handling Risk, and the Next Steps to Shore Up Your Business.

It’s necessary to take an honest look at your current insider risk positioning before deciding what steps you need to take to secure your company. ITMG’s proprietary insider risk assessment examines your organization as a whole, analyzing each sector individually for both isolated risks and risks that will spread company wide. All types of threats are covered: security governance, legal issues, assets, company culture, business environment, and other vulnerabilities are scrutinized. Once we have guided you through the assessment process, we will have a clear picture on how to best defend your company from insider threats.

We Consider the Following with Our Proprietary Insider Risk Assessment:

What is our business’ current response extent for insider risk management?

Which components are we lacking?

How mature is each component?

How much effort is needed to reach initial operating capacity?

What is required to reach full operating capacity?

What resources are required to reach initial and full capacity?

How do we use our existing resources most effectively?

To Secure Your Business Against Corporate Risk, Call ITMG Today

We are experts in insider risk assessment, mitigation strategies, and minimizing corporate vulnerabilities from leaks and data mismanagement. Call us today to hear how we can help your business.