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Corporate Insider Risk Analysts

When planning a business, you need data to drive your decision making forward. While it’s possible to make choices in the dark, understanding the various factors influencing your company and your competition lets you form more accurate conclusions about things such as, “Would this merger benefit us?” and “Will this product perform well in this market?” Insider risk analysts use the same thinking and apply it to your insider risk program. They focus on gathering, compiling, and interpreting data to assist in decision making and offer recommendations on how to improve the overall health of your insider risk program. They’re an essential part of your risk management team and allow you to accurately understand the status of your insider risk program as a whole. Our insider risk analysts are ready to leverage their skills for your corporation today.

Gain Leads and Protect Your Sensitive Data Through Verified Investigative Techniques

Insider risk analysts are a cornerstone in any well-designed insider risk program because of their ability to interpret and communicate data from incoming threats. Their technical analysis and user activity monitoring methods make them the role that translates disparate data into either real threats that you can actively manage or noise that is clogging up the system. They’re experts in identifying risky and malicious activity by compiling both internal and external sources with user data to efficiently spot threats before they manifest. They deliver this data in concise, timely, and accurate reports so all relevant stakeholders and team members are in the loop. Their work is key in continuing development of any insider risk program.

Put Our Expert Analysts to Work for Your Business Today

ITMG’s network of experts has decades of real-world experience in preventing threats and protecting your sensitive data. Our Insider threat analysts are no exception and are proven in their field, getting you real results. Call to hear how an insider risk analyst could fit into your insider risk management program today!