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Corporate Behavioral Psychologists

Creating a successful insider risk program required the ability to understand and quantify what can often seem like the very random element of human behaviors. Understanding your employees’ action and the motivation behind them gives you significantly more content when creating an insider risk program that will be effective for your specific company. Your employees are faced with countless opportunities and circumstances where they must decide how they’ll react when faced with your sensitive data. Having a specialized team member working to understand how your employees react in any given circumstance and then presenting that as data to your insider risk management team gives you immense advantages when designing your program. Behavioral psychologist bring excellent value to any corporate insider risk management team.

Using Psychological Principles to Strengthen Your Insider Risk Program

Understand human psychology and the way it influences potential insider threats is the behavioral psychologist’s realm of expertise. Their unique support provides a level of insight not found outside of their specific range of work. In addition to working to give context to employee actions, they also develop solutions for detecting, preventing, and mitigating threats. They can perform specific case assessments, create operational models, and develop technical rules sets, all while supporting larger team goals.

When you work with ITMG, you can rest easy knowing that you have a staff of well-qualified individuals supporting every aspect of your corporation’s insider risk program.

Call Us Today for to Staff a Behavioral Psychologist and Strengthen Your Insider Risk Program

Our experts have decades of combined experience in helping corporations successfully manage their insider risk and protecting their sensitive data. The combination of best practices and tailored-to-you solutions that we offer is potent in keeping you protected. Learn more about how our behavioral psychologists can bolster your insider risk program by contacting us today.