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Corporate Baseline Assessments

Better Operational Practices Begin With Our Comprehensive Baseline Assessment

While we hope that your company already has sufficient policies in place to ward off threats, we understand that it requires an objective set of eyes to spot any areas that may be overlooked or overextended. That’s where we come in. ITMG’s baseline assessment brings the 3rd party team of experts required to see the full picture of your company’s threat management health. We comb through your current program and identify areas that are strong enough to stop an insider threat and others that will undoubtedly leak your sensitive data. This objective review serves as the starting point for any executive seeking to shore up their insider threat management systems and prevent future compromises.

Assessing your Corporation With Our Unique Methodology

We stand apart in the field of insider risk management consulting because of our focus on custom solutions. Our proprietary assessment method isn’t a traditional one like the ISO, COBIT, or NIST. Instead, we combine these methods with real-world, intelligence-grade approaches to identify problems unique to your business. This blended approach requires expert risk assessment analysts to carry out, but we have seen the difference that approach makes. Our assessment methodology allows us to tailor our strategies and stop more threats before they expose your data.

We use our proprietary methodology in our baseline assessment to consider several factors:

  • Insider risk security posture (based on our proprietary Key Risk Factors)
  • Critical assets (based on our proprietary Key Impact Factors)
  • Insider threats posed to your organization (based on our proprietary Key Threat Factors)
  • Vulnerabilities to your assets (based on our proprietary Key Vulnerability Factors)
  • Insider risks posed by third parties and trusted business partners

If Your Company Needs Custom Solutions to Your Insider Risk Management Process, Call ITMGM

Our experts will show you want global leadership in the insider risk management consulting industry looks like through our comprehensive assessments, strategies, and solutions perfectly tailored to fit your business. Protect your critical data and call us today.