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Tailored assessments provide understanding of risk management capabilities, awareness of risk levels, and knowledge of exploitable weaknesses.

Baseline Assessments

A baseline review will provide you an objective programmatic and operational insight into your current insider risk management capabilities. The findings will allow you to fully understand your current strengths, any shortfalls, and areas for improvement. You will not only obtain an objective review of your current components, but also recommendations and strategies for building out additional components to augment your current operating capability. The results can serve as talking points with senior executives and provide a basis for subsequent business cases pursuing specific component improvements or build-outs.

Red Team Assessments

Our Red Team models how real-world insiders might compromise and exfiltrate sensitive corporate information. In addition to evaluating the compromise methods of insiders, we also test your insider threat incident response procedures. After a red teaming exercise, you’ll have a better understanding of your organization’s security posture as it relates to specific insider threat personas and events and you’ll know where to focus your future efforts for improvement.

Return On Investment

  • Increase client confidence
  • Reduce risk of compromise
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Increase investor confidence
  • Protect reputation
  • Create asset protection culture
  • More efficient decision-making
  • Early threat detection
  • Lower remediation costs
  • Reduce impact of compromise
  • Halt loss of intellectual property
  • Bolster existing security measures
  • Reduce time to resolve incidents
  • Reduce liability exposure

Risk Assessments

Our assessment is the only methodology that provides you with a clear and granular understanding of:

  • Insider risk security posture based on our proprietary Key Risk Factors
  • Critical assets based on our proprietary Key Impact Factors
  • Insider threats posed to your organization based on our proprietary Key Threat Factors
  • Vulnerabilities to your assets based on our proprietary Key Vulnerability Factors