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About Us

ITMG is the largest and most experienced group of insider threat risk management professionals in the industry. Our professionals are carefully vetted to ensure that each possesses the professional integrity, character, and bona fide experience that we require.

Our professionals learned the craft of managing insider threats through decades of hands-on experience investigating and managing insider threats for some of the largest government agencies and private sector companies.

We are experienced thought leaders in the full-spectrum of insider threat risk management services and solutions.

ITMG, LLC is a consulting consortium formed in 2014 to focus solely on helping organizations ensure a trusted workforce by providing a range of insider risk management services including – strategic advising, insider risk assessments, program development, training, and staffing. ITMG’s insider threat experts comprise the largest network of insider risk management practitioners in the world and include dozens of former Intelligence Community senior cyber security and insider risk management professionals. Our experts are pioneers in insider risk management and have served with numerous agencies including the FBI, DoD, DNI as well as several large corporations. Our vast network of bona fide insider threat professionals is located throughout the country, with an extended network in several countries including the UK, Australia, and Singapore. Our network includes experts in all insider threat disciplines including program development, governance, data management, user monitoring, data governance, identity and access management, training, investigation, privacy, incident response, compliance, behavioral psychology, and law.